Monday, June 9, 2008

Why I like Photography

There are many great reasons that I started these blogs. First, I honestly love great pictures. A well-captured photo allows my mind to wander, imagining life as one can only imagine--fantastasies becoming reality. Second, photography, in my mind communicates in many instances better than words. Third, I appreciate the challenge that it brings and the satisfaction from making that mirror click, capturing a flavor of that particular moment.

I recognize, I won't receive help on my photography unless I talk about it. I'm an amateur, never had more than a few pointers from professionals, and read even fewer books. Please don't think that I'm bragging, I'm not. I'm simply stating that I've had zero techincal training, and until I retire I probably won't. My photography experience stems from taking lots of pictures and hoping that one might turn out. (One summer when I purchased my first Nikon film camera, I burned through over 30 roles of film in just under four weeks.)

I've gone digital and filled up countless gigs of memory. Now I'm hoping to transition from quantity to quality. I'm dedicating this blog to how to take the pictures, working with and purchasing equipment. I'll talk about Photoshop on my seperate blog MyPhotoFix. My wonderful wife, loves to Scrapbook digitally, and we've dedicated a blog for that at Scapdigitally. Her are a few pictures that I've taken, that I'm proud of, or at least at the time appreciated. Please leave your comments on what is good, and what you think I can do to improve.

This picture is taken in the closet of the Essex House in New York City. I was there for business and thought this was really unique. It is a picture of the close rod with a light.


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